American Idol Lauren Alaina Meets Justin Bieber!

American Idol Lauren Alaina told MTV news how happy she met Justin Bieber. “Well, I was presenting Sugarland at the CMT Awards, and I found out that Justin Bieber was there,” Lauren explained to MTV News at the American Idol tour press day.
“I walked up to meet him and he was doing an interview, and then I was just looking at my outfit, and I realized I had a rip in the side of my dress, so I was trying to fix it real fast,” she recalled. “And then someone had told him I had gone over there to meet him, so he came up to me and was like, ‘Hey, I’m Justin.’ … It just kind of set me back. We took a picture and then it was over.”
Though it was brief, Lauren wasn’
t too disappointed with their encounter. “It was cool just to meet him,” she said. “Everyone wants to meet Justin Bieber and I got to do it, so it was really nice.”

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