Justin Bieber’s ‘F**K You’ Shirt?

Justin Bieber stepped out in West Hollywood Wednesday afternoon wearing a shirt that read: “F**K You” and “F**K Her Too. You know, the uncensored lines from Cee Lo Green‘s song?
Some Celebuzz staffers discussed this around the office today and a few confessed they didn’t exactly have the most appropriate shirts either back when they were teenagers, but since Justin is such a role model does the foul language cross the line?
It was interesting to see what you readers and Beliebers thought of the message:
“Absolutely unacceptable” Paige wrote on Facebook which received a few “likes.”
“I dont think hes too young, hes 17 hes nearly an adult… im 15 and i listen to this song lol” Ellie said in the post, kicking off the debate in the comments.
“He’s marketed to a very youthful audience – as in 8 yr old girls. He has some responsibility to show decent judgement in what he wears…
It was just a matter of time…pretty soon he’ll quit wearing underwear when he gets out of his car. Sheesh.” No JB Fan wrote shortly after.
“He’s freaking 17. He can dress how he wants. It’s a TSHIRT. They need to stop freaking out about what he wears.” Jordan also commented.

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