Justin Bieber:''Do not believe everything you say about me''

Justin Bieber has been questioned by many media due to an alleged wrongdoing in a recent American Airlines flight, but when asked about this incident, the singer said fans should not believe everything they say about him .

Some U.S. media have called Justin Bieber as''The more spoiled brat in Hollywood,''because a notice stating that he had misbehaved on a flight that took him to an Asian country. According to eyewitness accounts, the boy refused to wear a seatbelt for take-off of the ship and then refused to sign an autograph for the pilot of the plane.

However, after the news was published by Fox News, the singer played down the comments and rumors. "I do not think my fans should believe everything they say about me ... people do things all the time." And defiantly artist 17 ​​years said: "I'm supposed to be dead today. .. That's the rumor."

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